Faster than fast

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1. Introduction

2. First Look at Faster R-CNN

Improved R-CNN

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1. Introduction

The first in the family

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R-CNN is the first in the family. Understanding R-CNN is crucial as it will lay foundation to understand subsequent algorithms.

Note — Before reading this story please make sure that you have understood basics of CNN and few other concepts like IoU…

A Classification Case Study

Aircrafts are very important part of modern age. The number of passengers traveling by airplanes has been increasing every year (until Covid happened). In 2019, the number of scheduled passengers boarded by the global airline industry reached over 4.54 billion people as described by statista. So the safety of aircraft passengers’ is of paramount importance.

It is crucial that Aircraft Engines should undergo proper maintenance. Doing a routine maintenance can be very expensive. Predictive maintenance is an effective alternative to it. This approach ensures cost saving. It is also called as condition-based maintenance, as the degrading state of an item…

Ashutosh Makone

I am a hands-on guy. I appreciate the beauty of theory but understand its futility without application. ML, DL and computer vision are my interests.

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